POD: An integrated approach to shoulder pain.


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The shoulder complex has multiple influences from above and below during functional tasks. Assessing this region and developing an effective treatment and rehabilitation plan can sometimes be difficult.

Examining people’s movement abilities and limitations (e.g.pain, mobility) relative to activities they are wanting to do and seeing how their body regions contribute to completing the task can reveal why areas such as the shoulder become symptomatic.

In this workshop, osteopath and Applied Functional Science (AFS) practitioner Ben McChesney will cover integrated assessment and treatment strategies for the painful shoulder. This will include local hands on assessment and treatment approaches, and global dynamic upper limb, spine and lower limb movement assessment strategies.

This process can reveal local symptom generators and, within global body movements relative to tasks, what is setting up the shoulder for dysfunction.

This makes treatment more targeted and effective at bringing about pain free movement for your patient relative to what they want to do.

Date: Saturday, July 14th 2018.

Time: 10am-4pm

Location: University College of Osteopathy,

275 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1JE.